Audio / IVR Payment

Pay your bills with a simple phone call

(a) Audio Payment

Make bill payments from anywhere in the world by simply placing a call to one of our agents and s/he will help you make the payment instantly. Simply call, answer a security question and settle your bills.


(b) IVR Payment

Dial +44 203 322 2695 and follow the automated voice prompt to make bill payments.

Your account password and security code are never required for this process. Instead, you will receive a temporary code which you’ll give to the customer assistant or enter when prompted to complete the payment.

All transactions are in real time and completely secure. Transaction costs do not apply to payments made from your E-Account to another E-Account. You can also choose from among ten other money delivery options, including paying into the recipient’s Bank Account, MasterCard, Paymenex Account or Mobile Money Account.

Call us and make easy bill payments now!