Money Transfer

Send money across the globe with ease

Transfer money to family, friends and business partners, in-country and abroad quickly, easily and securely at very low to no transfer cost to you at all. Choose from our multiple transfers and delivery methods to send money from anywhere in the world.

At Omanye Money, we are transparent with our exchange rates and show you the sum of money that your recipient will receive before you confirm the transfer. There are no hidden fees; we all hate those, don’t we? Join the growing number of people using our services, for a delightful experience.

We are one of the safest, easiest and fastest ways to send money all over the world. So, select the most convenient transfer method for you and make a transfer now!

Why Choose Omanye ? title=

Why Choose Omanye ?

Omanye is designed to make each transaction

  • o Instant
  • o Secure
  • o Convenient
  • o Low Cost

Experience the…
  • o Variety
  • o Transparency
  • o Great Customer Care