Accept cards, online bill payments and cash.

Receive payments within 24 hours in your Omanye merchant account.

Allow customers to access payment solutions on both computer and mobile phone.



Pay staff salaries directly to their e-accounts or bank accounts, simultaneously, and on a scheduled basis through our batch upload and direct debit features.

Disburse Loans, directly and simultaneously, to unbanked and underbanked beneficiaries, cross country, across continents or abroad, through our batch upload feature.

Receive loan repayments directly from borrowers, unbanked or underbanked to wherever you are.



Raise and receive scheduled and unscheduled funding from contributors from all over the world.



Solicit donations, scheduled and unscheduled, from branches and well-wishers all over the world.


Political Parties

Receive dues and other party donations, scheduled and unscheduled, from members and contributors all over the world.

Disburse funds for operations from headquarters to Constituency, Regional and Overseas branches using our batch upload and scheduled payments features.


Financial Institutions

Offer you customers the opportunity to make deposits and withdrawals from anywhere in the world.

Sell Financial Instruments, including treasury bills, stock and bonds to customers anywhere in the world.

Offer your customers the opportunity to settle bills, loans and mortgage obligations from anywhere in the world.

Raise money to manage in your asset and fund management portfolios.